The Creative Footprint

Berlin video series interviews and showcases the influential figures behind the Berlin club scene, and raises questions about what the government can do to protect it.
Directed by Juliana Matos
Produced by Ross Gardiner/Black Circle Media
Sound and light by Naomi Roncari and Gabriel Hohagen

Sage Club's Sascha Disselkamp on Claiming Free Space

Owner of Sage Club's Sascha Disselkamp on founding the Clubcommission and how Berlin became the unique clubbing capital it is today.

Tresor's Dimitri Hegemann Talks About the Future of Berlin Clubbing

One of the true legends of electronic music sat down with the Creative Footprint in his club Kraftwerk/Tresor to discuss the framework conditions of the world's most formidable music scene.

Jonny Knüpple on their Role in Berlin Clubbing

Jonny Knüpple is one of Berlin's most exciting and interesting new clubs. We spoke to collective member Jakob Turtur about the future of Berlin clubbing, and the role that Jonny Knüpple plays in that.

Gretchen's Owners Detail Their Fight for Survival

Pamela Schobeß & Lars Döring of Gretchen detail their club's fight for survival, and why creativity is so valuable to Berliners.