“Space Pioneers” by Juliana Matos

The following photographs were taken as part of the photo and video series “Space Pioneers” by Juliana Matos.

In researching and developing content for the Creative Footprint in Berlin, we met with some of the key players in the scene to chat about the past, present and future of Berlin clubbing.

Sascha Disselkamp

founding member of Clubcommission

Fiese Remise

Falk Walker

founding member of Clubcommission, “Father of Kreuzberg”


Pamela Schobeß and Lars Döring

Kreuzberg promoters with over twenty years in the scene


Dimitri Hegemann

widely considered to be the father of Berlin techno


Steffen Hack

longtime owner of one of Berlin’s most celebrated clubs


Tobias Euler & Jakob Turtur

Master of Disaster and official spokesperson for underground art collective Jonny Knüppel

Jonny Knüppel