Introducing The Creative Footprint

The Creative Footprint is a non-profit initiative that protects, advocates for, and raises awareness about the essential civic and social value of creative spaces around the world.

The first edition of the Creative Footprint focuses on the music ecosystem of Berlin. We have been working with local nightlife experts and data researchers for many months to build an exhaustive index of the 527 music spaces in the city. This data was then analyzed on a set of 15 criteria, with a focus on the space, their content, and their framework conditions. This information was then paired with extensive qualitative study in the form of investigative interviews before being refined down to a score out of 10; the city’s Creative Footprint.

Berlin earns a Creative Footprint score of 8.02.

The German capital’s scene is undoubtedly among the healthiest in the world, but there are still areas in which the city’s creative infrastructure can improve.

The superlative value of The Creative Footprint will emerge when the project expands to create a global index of creative space and relative public policy. We intend to bring the project to 10 major world cities initially, in turn build a rich and diverse resource of information, methodology, and practices that will empower artists, citizens, activists, and politicians to engage in true and substantive civic representation for grassroots creative culture in their home city.

We believe that a thriving arts scene is crucial to a community, city, and culture alike. The Creative Footprint will hold up a mirror to the world’s creative communities, while providing resources, insight, and guidance that, when enacted in accord, have the potential to change the world, one city at a time.

Lutz Leichsenring is the founder of the Creative Footprint and the spokesperson for the Berlin Clubcommission.